Tuesday, 15 November 2016

PokéMashup Comic Cover Draw with Jazza Challenge of the Month Entry - A.K.A. Tales of Spooky Science

So I never really got into the Pokemon craze but I've wanted to take part in a Jazza Challenge of the Month for a while and this one looked pretty fun.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Happy 21st of October 2015!

I got a couple of guinea pigs recently and as it's October 2015 they could only be named after one special duo. So I decided to draw this and post it on this special day, they day that duo travel to what was once the future to save Marty's kids. This was originaly a doodle that hasn't yet been posted on my Working Doodles blog, so look out for that when it appears.

EDIT: It has appeared!

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Working Doodles

Check out my new blog/twitter/facebook/tumblr/tapastic series. It's called Working Doodles and is based around a situation that many people have been in where faced with a pen and piece of paper and having the sudden urge to draw something, mainly in a situation such as work or school. It's just a fun little series of drawings about everything and anything designed to hopefully give the readers a little bit of a giggle whenever they see a new post. If you follow my link to the blog you can find links to the other sites I've hosted it on.

I hope you like it and give me your support in my new series. Keep your eyes peeled for the mini series within a series known simply as "Drunk Superheroes." Episode one coming soon.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Teenage mutant Ninja Turtles Evolution

A year too late for the 30th anniversary I decided to finish off some fan art for TMNT representing 4 of the multiple different styles that they have appeared as.

The original animated series of the turtles was amongst my favourite of cartoons while growing up and the different versions of the characters and stories are ones that I've went back to on and off over the years since. I decided to represent my appreciation for these characters by creating this picture. Featuring the original Comic incarnation of Raphael with '87 cartoon version of Michelangelo, 2K3 version of Leonardo and the latest Nickelodeon CGI version of Donatello. I felt that these versions represented each personality well while at the same time show how different they can look over the years but still maintain their identity. I've yet to see the Nickelodeon series but plan to check it out eventually. Hand drawn on paper then digitally coloured.